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Thinking like Albert Einstein...

What brings harmony in your life? Is it a family, a career, people you can rely on, financial security, being heard, creating, changing the world? Each one of us has this fire inside of us that moves us to action on so many different levels. It's like what we believe and what we want goes in direct opposition of what we is actually happening at the moment and all we need to do is focus, create balance for ourselves, and then take action. First, we need to see it in our minds, then we know it is possible.

I read something the other day that reminded me we all need to look at HOW we go about accomplishing our goals and moving forward, taking those steps that we feel will get us where we want to be. The article explained that we all have a tendency to value the left side of our brain's abilities because that is the logically side, the problem solving side, the side that loves facts, figures, and decisions, science, research, and reason. When we live in that side of our brains, the other side is stifled, no longer able to connect with the logically side and therefore the entire brain is no longer working as a whole. I thought about this for awhile because I think creative problem solving uses so much of both parts of our brains. Playing a musical instrument is scientifically proven to access all parts of our brains as well. So then I landed on what this means in our every day life. How do we provide ample time for the right side of our brains so that the left side can continue to do it's thing. That's when this man's story resonated with me on a much deeper level. You see, this man, a mathematician, would spend hours in the woods, or walking through the park. He would stare up at the clouds, and rest in his back yard in his hammock. All the while, giving himself permission to "meditate" on things. I like to say I'm soaking on something. Giving my mind time to process. I do the same with my horses. I give them time to soak in the experience. What would happen if you did the same? Each and every day, you gave yourself time, like 5 minutes, to slow yourself down and zone out in a peaceful environment. Sure, we would all love to be amongst the trees when we're taking a walk, but sometimes that is not possible. Sometimes we have to close our eyes in our office and just breathe deeply, in and out 3 or 4 times and then get up and take a walk. That 5 minutes may be the difference between the most creative problem solving ever and struggling through a problem only to get a mediocre solution.

When life gets too chaotic around me, I slow down. I choose to effect the room, not the other way around. In fact, it is impossible to think you can keep up with an energy that has nothing to do with your own. For me, it has been a life changing experience to slow down - and maybe my slow is too fast for some and a snail's pace for others, but that's also where the magic lies. The awareness that my speed has nothing to do with yours and vice versa.

When we begin to live our best lives, we are moving in harmony with ourselves. Our body, mind and spirit. The man that walked among the trees for hours on end did some amazing things in his life. We all know him for his mathematical mind. What we need to remember is that Albert Einstein and all of the great thinkers in this life were able to use both sides of their brain. They chose to nourish both. What does your harmony look like?

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