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The mission of Wildfire Dreams is to positively change lives by creating connections in a sacred place of healing that promotes wellness, balance, and harmony. 

Our farm is located the beautiful countryside of Charlevoix, Michigan

How often does someone actually listen to you? Your thoughts, your dreams? Listening to myself and others is the most important thing I could ever do.  I went through a time in my life, where I never thought I would BE enough.  That question, "am I enough?" was on my mind - even as I worked two jobs, gave my family every part of me and physically worked myself into the ground.   

Throughout my life, I've been able to stay connected with horses in some way or another.  They seem to show up with lessons that far out way the experiences I have with people.  These lasting impressions started a spark to find out just what horses were doing when they stood by us and gave off a healing energy that soaked into our own bodies.  It's a little science and a little spiritual all mixed in.  I think that is what gives horses their essence in this life.  They continue to keep us in awe with the beauty, intelligence, and the way we feel when we're around them.

As the Universe would have it, my father gave me one of his best race horses that was retiring when I was twelve years old.  He was an all black stallion with a white star in the middle of his forehead.  His name was CV Apollo.  He became my best friend. Through several tragedies that happened one right after another, my horse allowed me to cry quietly in the barn with him or out in the fields on a long ride. He held space for me when no one else would.  I did not feel invisible when I was with him.

Feeling invisible and not heard is a growing trend among our culture.  It's kind of crazy how we are all so connected through technology and feel less and less connected to what matters most.   My goal is to give clients the opportunity to connect with what matters to them the most.   Uncovering our truest nature and what we love allows us to leave those limiting beliefs behind for good. 

What's the meaning behind the name Wildfire Dreams?

To be honest, a co-worker used to call me "wildfire!" She would say my optimism spread through the office like a wildfire.  There was a song about a white horse named Wildfire that was popular in the 70's .  I looked up the meaning of that song and thought it was simply perfect.  I've always been drawn to Native American stories and the one with the white ghost horse resonated with me.  I truly believe that horses are a gift from the Devine.  I also know that our dreams must be stoked, focused on and worked at, in order for them to come to life.  We cannot expect things to happen by themselves.  I am merely a guide in someone's journey.  I have the skills and tools to foster lasting change.  The choice is yours, how much more joy could you have in your own life?

My Story

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