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The significance of Angel Numbers...

Today, I've been immersed in emails, calls, and so much damn work, I had to take a minute to breath in and remind myself that some days are going to be like this and that's ok. I look up from the computer and it is 4:44 pm. I haven't taken a break all day. Not one and the day is almost done. I decided to take a ten minute break to check my personal email and noticed emails from several online newsletters I receive. One of them was Deep Spirituality. I enjoy this fresh perspective on Christianity. I skimmed through the article about not having inner strength. It sparked my curiosity as I sometimes feel like I am the weakest person on the planet when it comes to certain things. Not to get too personal, but at times I struggle with my own worth in this world. I know I shouldn't, but it creeps into my life and holds me hostage. I know it has to do with the loss of my purpose, there's been so much change in my life and now, here I am starting a new business right at the beginning again. Well, anyway, I read further and Psalm 26 was quoted. Out of curiosity, I googled Psalm 26 and read the entire thing. Verse 11 stuck out like a beacon of light for me... "But as for me, I will walk in my integrity." That was all I needed. A reminder that I have always walked in my own integrity and fully trust my intuition and values even when I was being pushed in other directions.

Numbers seem to have that affect on us... We are moved to act when it comes to a number. How many of you have looked at an address and been drawn to it when searching for a home? Maybe you see a number showing up in your life over and over and wonder what that's all about. Well, it's time to look into that. Angel numbers are so incredibly cool! For me, the number 11 is key, and don't even get me started on 111. I am also very drawn to the number 8 and my birthday, 29!

My all time favorite scripture in the bible is Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to thrive, plans to prosper. That one scripture has reminded me that not everyone thinks bad things are supposed to happen every day. God believes GOOD things are meant to happen for us and we must allow them to happen. Countless people have read the bible and even more quote it. I don't ever think it is possible to fully understand all the lessons contained in the Bible, and yet, that one scripture is all I need.

The numbers of our address literally put a smile on my face... 8218. For some reason, those infinity 8's remind me that I am immersed in abundance and surrounded by love. The number 8 is all about divine connection and I truly believe our home is exactly where we are meant to be. Right here in Charlevoix, Michigan!

Here is a quick guide to angel numbers and what they mean:

000 or a pattern with 0 is associated with new opportunities. This could signify a fresh start!

111 or a pattern with 1 is associated with manifestation - you are getting the green light from the universe

222 or a pattern with 2 is associated with balance, trust, and alignment. Seeing this number could suggest that someone in the physical or spiritual realm is helping you get where you need to go. Keep doing what you're doing - planting the seeds at work and at home. You are laying the foundation for substantial harvest in the future.

333 or a pattern with 3 is associated with magnetic creativity. Seeing this number may be pointing the way to an opportunity where your creative energies are needed. Go forward in faith and know that you are being fully supported.

444 or a pattern with 4 is associated with grounding and rooting. This number is all about cultivating an infrastructure that is built to last. This is the angels favorite number sequence and it merely means that angels are present right at the moment.

555 or a pattern with 5 is associated with major changes are on the horizon. Massive shifts may be in the works. Transition, no matter how hard, can be a restructuring for your soul's path. Being patient and trusting the process is key.

666 or a pattern with 6 is associated with compassion, support and empathy. Seeing this number is attributed to self care and remembering that everything happens for a reason. Creating balance in your life is imperative.

777 or a pattern with 7 is associated with your spirituality expanding. This number is all about being of service to the world.

888 or a pattern with 8 is associated with connecting to the spiritual universe. Allow your intuition to guide you on your way and remain open to the abundance it offers.

999 or a pattern with 9 is associated with a chapter coming to the end. It is time to step outside your comfort zone and allow a new chapter to begin.

Angel numbers are all about tapping into your own intuition. What angel numbers give you a good feeling?

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