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Soaking in "Be"

I don't know about you, but I have an attachment to time. One of the hardest things for me to do is sit down and be still - for any amount of time. It's as if I have to manage every second of my day or I may accidentally waste it. Do you do this? How could this be healthy?

It wasn't too long ago, I was struggling with time management. I couldn't get things done and everything that was important to me seemed to always be the LAST thing I would focus on. I literally was waking up in the middle of the night wanting to know what time it was... If I knew what time it was, I felt a little better. I could count up how many hours I was able to sleep and know that even if I got 2 more hours of sleep, that was better than none. This habit, of becoming obsessed over time was affecting how I saw my relationships as well. - which ones needed the most time, which ones could I put on the back burner, who would forgive me if I wasn't giving them my full attention, if I said "no" I'm going to stay home tonight, or "no" I cannot volunteer for that club, or "no" we are not going to go shopping today, etc. etc.

My horses always seem to have an answer to these "person problems." I watch them each day and how they peacefully explore, play, eat and sleep. Why is it they do not care about time? Does it matter if it's 7 am or 9 am when we go for a ride? Nope. Does it matter to them that it's snowing on a Tuesday afternoon? Nope. Do they even care what day of the week it is? Nope. My nay-sayers in the world would say, well, they don't have to earn a living, that's why!!! And yes, that is true. They have faith in us to take care of them. They have to, right?

What they do care about is connection... They LOVE to be connected with their herd and their own people. I find this fascinating. Horses and humans desire connection more than anything. We want to feel connected to the big picture, the herd. We are all gifted the opportunity to "be" as we are, right here and now. And yes, connected to everything and everyone. Taking those moments and soaking in them gives me such peace.

Honestly, when I look around, it's not only the horses who know how to "be". It is every living thing accept humans. As I go about my day today, I am inspired to "be" and know that I am enough, creating space for my light, my love, and my joy to spread wherever I may be, even if that may only be with my horses.

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