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Taming the Wild Horse of Our Minds

In Daoism, our minds are referred to as Wild Horses... the irony of this astounds me. The definition of wild means untamed, free, and living or growing in its natural environment. I have always wanted this type of freedom - the feeling that nothing holds me back, I'm free to make my own choices, without pressure, stress, or even expectations. And yet, here I am learning quite literally how to train the wild horse of MY MIND. Lol

With that being said, here are some things that my own horses have taught me to remind me of this incredibly important way of life:

#1 Sit quietly and observe... You will see so much more when you focus

#2 Giving everything up to your imagination can become a bad thing, especially when what you perceive "might" be there, but in reality it is not. (Have you ever seen a horse spook because of the smallest object that surely was a big bad wolf?)

#3 Discipline - and the art of it, creates beauty. (A healthy, collected horse brings forth all of its energy to flow in the beauty of its body and soul. That way of moving is natural to the horse - and us, when we empower ourselves with the discipline as a way of being in our lives. One way to look at this is our spiritual discipline. How often do you connect with God? Another way to look at this would be your own discipline around physical fitness for you along with your animals. I have practiced yoga for many years and am just now feeling the beauty of this discipline in my life.

#4 Nature... Horses prefer to live in nature. My horses love standing in the shelter of our lean-to off the barn, but not inside the barn. They want to be in the fresh air, listen to the birds, watch the clouds go by and graze. Total peace, right? We are also in need of being in nature. If you cannot escape to nature every day, try bringing it inside your home with plants, a fish aquarium, or large works of art.

#5 Amidst the Chaos There Is Peace - LEARN. One of the best and most amazing ways to quiet your mind is to learn something you are interested in or enjoy. Life long learning wards off so many ailments. Reading may be the first step, but then you've got to get out there and do it! A horse that doesn't have any education will always react with its natural instincts. A horse with an education - well, they live a more peaceful life because they respond to things that naturally are a part of this world we live in.

Take it from me, it's hard to tame my wild horse of a mind, but it's possible. I approach my mind with kindness, love, and acceptance. The same way I do with my lovely horses. What is one way you have found to tame yours?

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