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Can you feel it?

What is going on in the universe? Honestly, I feel so many vibrational messages lately and also a boat load of peace. Like this knowing deep in my body that everything is so, dare I say, perfect? That's the wrong word. How about in harmony.

Do you have times in your life when things just feel amazing? You're getting sleep, taking care of yourself daily, learning something new every day, and feeling a sense of fulfillment that is so beautiful it reminds me of the times when I brought our babies home. The newness of it all and the miracle of this being that wasn't here before, and is now here. There is so much hope surrounding us when we put our flashlight on it.

Spring has a way of immersing us in renewal. The birthing of all this newness. I am in awe of it this year. Honestly, we just had a snow storm that laid a blanket of three inches of that fluffy white stuff and I looked at it as an opportunity... The pastures need that moisture for the green that's on its way.

What if we looked at every challenge in this way? What if we decided whatever might be challenging us is actually an opportunity to flip that challenge on its side and create something far better than what was actually there. Our egos have a way of caging us so we get stuck on the problem? They tell us, "we can't do that" or "we're not good enough" or "we don't deserve that. Sadly, I hear so many people tell me they don't have the resources to do what they want in life...Well, I'm here to tell ya, uncage your mind from that ego. These thoughts are so incredibly limiting to our vision in life. No vision you say, please contact a life coach TODAY. They will help you not only create a vision, but LIVE your vision. The power of manifestation is truly amazing and for real. You will be in the exact same position you are in today five years from now if you do not make one step in the direction of your vision today. Don't let that happen.

Embrace this amazing energy of spring and soak it into your body, mind and soul. What do you want to create this year? At the end of 2024, what would you like to have accomplished? How do you want to feel? Take a little time to sit with those questions and reflect on this incredible time of year when all of creation is singing.

I'm reminded of that sweet children's song when I was little that I would sing at the top of my lungs, "Sing......sing a song. Sing out loud, sing out strong. Don't worry if its not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song!"

Love & light

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