Wildfire Dreams Equine Gestalt Wellness is where horses partner with humans through experiences that heal, encourage, and support creative expression. We are on a mission to share the love of horses and their healing touch with everyone who participates in a session, a workshop, or retreat. For Equine Entrepreneurs, my ghost writing service allows you to see your ideas on paper!

Equines are one thousand pound angels. In the presence of horses, there is no judgement, no opinions, only your truth and theirs.  There is no fooling a horse.  Their natural intuition helps clear the cobwebs of past habits and move clients towards their goals.   Lets us help you step onto the path of forward motion, leaving behind all that holds you back. A life of  balance for you and your family.


Living life the way you DREAM it could be

Wild Child Workshops ~ supporting family relationships

Lighting up the SOUL ~ for Equine Entrepreneurs

Get ready to make your dreams a reality. Supportive coaching programs with proven results.  Step by step guidance so that you can take action, move forward, and feel empowered in your next move.
Enjoy the freedom of following your dreams, turning hopes into reality!
Tired of the same patterns and not going anywhere?  Take the first step to a more joyful existence.
There is no more important career than that of being a parent.  Parenting is challenging these days.  There are so many distractions for our children and also ourselves.  Wild Child Workshops are meant for mothers, children, and the entire family to experience team work, clear communication, and unconditional love.  Private sessions along with group rates available.
Ghost writing for Equine Entrepreneurs who innovate and believe in creativity. If you can talk out your ideas, but have trouble putting the words down on paper, I'm your gal.  I specialize in taking your conversation and pulling it all together for professionally written work, from web site content, marketing brochures and flyers to letters of reference and introductions to the public eye.  I have quick turn around time and also work with each client through editing sessions and calls.   


Violet, LA

What an amazing experience being coached by Carolyne!  Her coaching style is natural, authentic, gracious and supportive allowing me to feel completely at ease and able to truly connect with myself and Carolyne

Colorado Springs, CO

Carolyne is one of the kindest individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Her wisdom and caring nature create a space perfect for healing.  I feel safe to share anything without judgement. 

Attica, MI

Carolyne's compassion and love helps me and my lack of confidence.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Jenny Marie  Elizabethtown, KY

Carolyne has incredible empathy coupled with tenacious focus. Her insightful questions helped me uncover a deeper truth about myself and move forward more clearly with my vision for my future.

 Marie A. 

Carolyne is a gentle, calm, and confident coach. She helped me feel safe, while I worked through my trauma.

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