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"There are beautifully wild forces within us."  St. Francis Assisi


Everything begins with one small act of courage.


Uncover your inner child... The one that's been buried by life's responsibilities, jobs, family, and time. Here, we dig into what makes you, you. We uncover the potential within with horses by our side. In the presence of horses, there is no judgement, no opinions, only your truth and theirs.  There is no fooling a horse.  Their natural intuition paired with my coaching helps clear the cobwebs of past habits and move clients towards their goals.  Step onto the path of forward motion, leaving behind all that holds you back. A life of  balance for you and your family is waiting.  


Follow Your 

Herd of white horses running through the water. Image taken in Camargue, France..jpg


Healing Broken Hearts 
Life Coaching the Gestalt Way
 Supporting Parents and families
There is nothing worse than your heart breaking and there are so many things that can break it.  Relationships that end, disappointments in life, the death of a dear friend or family member.  All of these things have broken my heart.  Equine Gestalt Coaching can help you mend your heart in ways that allow you to move past the emotional pain and find yourself again.  Equine Gestalt Coaching is a clear, quick path to healing and releasing the past from our bodies.  
Gestalt Coaching sessions allow clients to be co-active in their growth and healing.  When you are ready to improve your life and live more presently with an awareness that is so rich, call me.   It's a drug free, holistic approach to improving your life with a guide that keeps walking with you on this journey of completeness.  Flowing into your own stream, one that you create, is the beauty of it.  This is your life to live.
Gestalt Group experiences allow parents the opportunity to speak their story in a supportive, safe environment.  Completely confidential, parent groups are spaces for healing to occur along with borrowed benefits from other's life experiences.  Each parent will have the opportunity to experience gestalt coaching.  All groups are small (up to 8 people) and last two - three hours.  This is an affordable option for those curious about a session. 


Violet, LA

What an amazing experience being coached by Carolyne!  Her coaching style is natural, authentic, gracious and supportive allowing me to feel completely at ease and able to truly connect with myself and Carolyne

Colorado Springs, CO

Carolyne is one of the kindest individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  Her wisdom and caring nature create a space perfect for healing.  I feel safe to share anything without judgement. 

Attica, MI

Carolyne's compassion and love helps me and my lack of confidence.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Jenny Marie  Elizabethtown, KY

Carolyne has incredible empathy coupled with tenacious focus. Her insightful questions helped me uncover a deeper truth about myself and move forward more clearly with my vision for my future.

 Marie A. 

Carolyne is a gentle, calm, and confident coach. She helped me feel safe, while I worked through my trauma.

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